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Pro Audio Superstore is your online and offline pro audio equipment, advice, and education source. From home studio recording equipment to wireless microphones to mixers and amps, to complete portable sound systems, office PA products and much more, Pro Audio Superstore has what you need. What makes ProAudioSuperstore different you ask? Well, instead of offering you every single product in the industry, we have narrowed our selection down to what works, and works well. Also, when you talk to someone at ProAudioSuperstore, you'll be talking to an audio professional, not just an order taker. Many of our products offer free shipping too!

About ProAudioSuperstore

ProAudioSuperstore is owned and operated by Audio Acoustics, Inc. What started as a Muzak franchise in Southwest Missouri back in the 1960s, has slowly evolved and branched into southwest Missouri's leading professional and commercial audio/video contractor. In 1996, Audio Acoustics became one of the very first companies to sell professional audio equipment on the internet, which eventually became ProAudioSuperstore.

At ProAudioSuperstore, we ask ourselves over and over ‘Why do customers buy from us when pricing is usually set by the manufacturer?’ It’s not about price, it’s about service. When you call or write us you’re not talking to an order taker. You will be talking to an audio professional who loves the professional audio scene. If our phone staff happens to gets stumped by a question, there are people here that have worked in this field for decades, and usually with our company. Years of experience lets us share tips and ideas among ourselves that really help our customers. Did you know that we were the among the first, if not THE first, to put pro audio gear on the internet back in 1996? When you buy from ProAudioSuperstore you get much more than your order; you get the experience that comes from buying from professionals. We think you’ll like the difference.