<h5>Shure TwinPlex TL47 Omnidirectional Subminiature Lavalier</h5>

Shure TwinPlex TL47 Omnidirectional Subminiature Lavalier
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TWINPLEX SUBMINIATURE LAVALIER MICROPHONE; 1.6mm Cable, Natural Sound, Low Sensitivity. Ideal for nearly any application and market.
Shure TwinPlex TL47 Omnidirectional Subminiature Lavalier
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1.6mm Cable | Natural Sound | Low Sensitivity

Ideal for nearly any application and market.

- Available in (4) Color Options: WhiteBlack, Tan, Cocoa -

- Accessory Kit: Optional accessories and storage case available (drop-down menu) -

The TL47 is available with connector options for most bodypack transmitters, with color options to meet numerous situational needs, and mounting choices for all professional applications. The low sensitivity can handle the most critical acoustic environments without distortion, and the 1.6 mm paintable cable stands up to the most demanding use. With extensive solutions for any application, it’s the go-to line for flexibility.

  • With a variety of colors and connectors, the TL47 is ideal for nearly any application
  • Twice the surface area of other subminiature microphones for pristine, natural response and robust low-frequency response due to the patent pending dual-diaphragm design
  • Improved off-axis consistency yields accurate reproduction regardless of vocal source position or movement
  • Best-in-class low self-noise and dynamic range for cleaner audio production
  • Interchangeable sweat- and moisture-resistant frequency caps prevent sweat-outs due to an invisible syperhydrophobic nanoscopic coating
  • Paintable 1.6 mm cable that is immune to memory effect and kinks
  • Dual redundant ground in cable serves as secondary shield for longevity
  • Sound signature: Natural
  • Sensitivity: Low
  • Colors: White, Tan, Cocoa, Black
  • Connectors: LEMO, MTQG/TA4F, MicroDot, XLR/Preamp, NC (bare wire)
  • Accessories: Available with or without accessories


Available separately with the TL47, accessory kits include all essentials for setting up your TwinPlex microphone for any application.* Includes:

  • (1) single and (1) dual-tie clip with extra standoffs,
  • (1) vampire mount,
  • (1) sticky mount with 10 stickie adhesives,
  • (1) vampire sticky mount which can be used with the stickie mount,
  • (2) windscreens,
  • (1) protective carrying case.

* Accessories vary based on base model of the microphone you purchase. Each accessory kit is designed to match any color and/or connector combination. For example, the threaded adapter comes with TQG/TA4F connectors, while any XLR model includes the preamp mounting plate and belt clip.


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