<h5>Restaurant Sound System Package</h5>

Restaurant Sound System Package
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Our 'Restaurant Sound System Package' is everything you need to install a high-quality sound system into your restaurant or cafe. Allows for two independent zones. Includes in-ceiling speakers, and two wide-coverage surface mount speakers for an outdoor area. The only thing you need to provide is a music source through a licensed commercial service like Mood Media or Pandora.
Restaurant Sound System Package
Audio Acoustics
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High Quality Background Music & Paging For Your Restaurant or Cafe

Our commercial sound system kits are some of ProAudioSuperstore's most popular items. We have put together this Restaurant Sound System Package for the restaurateur that wants to install a great sounding background music and paging sound system but doesn't want to have to hire a contractor to do it. These systems are perfect for restaurants that have a main indoor seating area and outdoor area for waiting or eating. This is a dual-zone system so that audio sources may be independent in the different zones. This also allows paging to only an outside or bar area without bothering guests that are already seated. This system is easy to install. We've also included a basic wiring diagram.

The ProAudioSuperstore Restaurant Sound System Kit Includes:

   1 x JBL CSMA2120 8-Input, Dual Zone 120W x2 Mixer/Amplifier

   10 x JBL Control 14C/T In-Ceiling Speakers

   2 x JBL Control HST Indoor/Outdoor On-Wall Speakers

   6 x AT35D 35 Watt Volume Controls with White and Ivory Decora Plates

   1000 Ft. 18 Gauge, 2 Conductor Speaker Wire

JBL CSMA2120 8-Input, Dual 120W Output Class-D Mixer/Amplifier

The heart & brains of the whole system is the JBL CSMA2120 70V mixer amplifier. The CSMA2120 allows you to connect up to 8 different sources like CD players, satellite receivers, MP3 players, and microphones. Those inputs are assignable to dual 70V speaker outputs with 120W of power each. The CSMA2120 has microphone inputs with voice priority so you can set it up as paging system that will duck out the music for any pages that come through. The CSMA2120's highly efficient Class-D DriveCore amplifiers makes these units environmentally friendly as they draw less power and due to their reduced size and weight, are cheaper to ship.

The CSMA mixer/amps offer unmatched ease of use, with a clean, front panel featuring only volume controls for each channel, master volume adjustment, adjustable bass and treble controls and a power switch. All the volume controls are surrounded by an illuminated ring, making them easy to see and operate in darkened environments. The amplifier can drive 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads and can be used with 70V and 100V distributed audio systems without the need for a separate transformer. In addition to balanced mic/line inputs, unbalanced RCA inputs and speaker connections, all units include RJ45 connectors for use with JBL CSR-V in-wall volume controls. All models feature a universal power supply which enables the ability to accept AC voltages from 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz.

JBL Commercial mixer/amps are manufactured under HARMAN’s GreenEdge™ environmental initiative, conforming to lead-free RoHS standards and utilizing recycled copper, aluminum and steel, an energy-saving powder coat finishing process and other environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes. Their highly efficient DriveCore design reduces power consumption and yields much more efficient operation – up to 80 percent more efficient than previous designs. All models carry a 3-year no-fault transferable warranty.

JBL Control 14C/T In-Ceiling Speakers

Control 14C/T is a full-range ceiling speaker consisting of a 100 mm (4 inch) high tech cone driver and a 19 mm soft-dome liquid cooled tweeter mounted in a vented, paintable baffle made of UV resistant UL94-V0 and UL94-5HB material, with a pre-attached blind-mount backcan for quick and easy installation.

The JBL Control 14C/T is our most popular in-ceiling speaker. We sell literally thousands of these speakers every year because they sound fantastic, they are well built, and they include all of the required mounting hardware for both drywall and drop-tile ceilings.

The Control 14C/T is designed for use with 70V systems. It is a coaxial speaker with a 4"" low frequency driver and a 0.75"" soft-dome liquid-cooled tweeter. The speaker is completely housed and sealed in a metal can. It features a removable phenix terminal block for the speaker input and output. The grille is removable with a dial underneath for selecting the wattage tap for the speaker. It has taps at 3.2W, 6.3W, 12.5W, 25W, or an 8Ω Bypass as well. Also, you can rest easy knowing that these speakers are up to building code standards with it's UL2043 Plenum listing.

JBL Control HST Indoor/Outdoor On-Wall Speakers

The patent-pending design includes a wall-facing woofer, two horizontally splayed tweeters, a wall bracket that spaces the speaker the required distance from the wall, and a tapered cabinet that provides proper loading and dispersion of the sound. With most on-wall (surface-mount) speakers, the baffle of the speaker is some distance from the wall. It is the nature of low and low-mid frequency sound waves to wrap around the speaker, where they reflect back out from the wall, recombining with the original sound. When this occurs, some frequencies add coherently to the original sound and other frequencies cancel, causing peaks and dips in the resulting frequency response and inconsistencies from location to location within the listening space. By substantially reducing this occurrence, Control HST is able to provide a flatter resulting frequency response along with a more consistent sound character throughout the room.

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