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Wireless Microphones 101: 

An overview of primary wireless system components and the basics of how they operate together. 

(Level - Beginner)

Selecting Frequency Ranges:

When buying wireless microphone systems, you need to select a frequency range. What are 'frequency ranges' and 'tuning bands'? And how do you choose the best one for your system?

(Level - Beginner)

Purchasing Considerations: 

What you should consider before purchasing a wireless microphone system. 

(Level - Beginner)

Wireless Transmission Methods:

An overview of common transmission methods used by wireless microphone systems, as well as multi system limitations and how to evaluate your RF environment. 

(Level - Intermediate)

600 MHz FCC Auction - What Happened:

The FCC's 600 MHz Incentive Auction has been a source of much confusion for wireless operators over the past few years. This video from Shure will give you the bullet points of Who, What, Where, When and Why.

For more information, visit the Shure Incentive Auction Resource Center at

(Level - Beginner)

Installing Hard of Hearing Systems (MS100 FM Transmitter):

Millions of people need assistance in understanding the spoken word in a public environment. It's not hard to install the necessary equipment. This video shows you how.

(Level - Beginner)


Manufacturer Training Resources & Tools

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Shure Training Resources: 

          Find An Answer Knowledge Base

          Product Document Finder

Shure Online Tools: 

          Wireless Freq Finder 

          Wireless Accessory Wizard 

          PAG/NAG Calculator

Shure Downloads:

          Software and Firmware Downloads

PreSonus Training Resources:

          Technical Articles

PreSonus Downloads:

          Software and Firmware Downloads

Sennheiser Online Tools:

          Wireless Freq Finder

JBL Pro Downloads:

          JBL Professional Software Downloads

          JBL Pro Product Firmware Downloads

Atlas Online Tools:

          Speaker Placement Tool

          Sound Pressure Level Calculator