<h5>RDL AV-HK1X Hum Killer</h5>

RDL AV-HK1X Hum Killer
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The AV‑HK1X is a mono transformer isolation module for use with a balanced, low impedance source and either a low or high impedance load.
RDL AV-HK1X Hum Killer
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The AV-HK1X is a rugged product designed for portable use, a mounting bracket is included for fixed installations. Input and output connections are provided on XLR jacks with gold‑plated contacts.

Galvanic isolation between the input and output is provided by a studio quality audio transformer. The AV‑HK1X breaks the "ground loop" connection that can produce hum in a sound system. The input connector shield does provide a radio frequency ground return, thereby preserving system immunity to radio interference.


  • Ground Isolation in Balanced Line
  • Line‑Level Ground‑Loop Elimination
  • Balanced Mono Galvanic Isolation
  • Isolation in Rugged Field Case
  • Portable or Permanent Isolation Module

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