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If you're on stage or in the studio, you need a microphone. There are microphones for just about every application. ProAudioSuperstore carries a HUGE variety of microphones. Looking for a great vocal microphone for the stage? Try a Shure SM58. Or are you in the studio and need a great microphone to record that huge Marshall stack of yours? Try the Shure KSM313 Ribbon Microphone. ProAudioSuperstore has you covered.

In this age of wireless everything, it might be strange to see wired mics being used anywhere. However, in many situations, wired mics are much better suited than wireless mics. Studios need a very solid, highly predictable result. Of course, even in vocal mics, a wired mic is much less expensive than any wireless product. In a lot of environments, there is not enough frequency spectrum to handle a large setup or there is not enough time to do the research to figure out what frequency each mic would be set to. So donít worry about a wired mic being unsexy, a good wired microphone is still worth its weight in gold!