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Shure FP15/83 Camera Wireless Lapel Microphone System

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The Shure FP15/83 is a wireless lapel microphone system designed for use with cameras and camcorders that have external microphone inputs. The FP15/83 includes the FP1 body pack transmitter, WL183 lavalier microphone, and FP5 portable receiver.
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Affordable Professional Wireless for Film and Video Creators

When it comes to shooting video in a professional or commercial application, clear audio is of upmost importance. Camera and camcorder built-in microphones generally leave quite a bit to be desired. The Shure FP15/83 is a great way to fix that problem. Any camera with an external microphone can be used with the FP125/83SM58. Now you can give the subject of your video a microphone and that audio is recorded directly onto the video, all wirelessly! These days, shooting full HD video with DLSR cameras offer incredible quality to just about anyone. Make the audio as good as the video with an external wireless microphone like the Shure FP15/83!

The Shure FP15/83 Features the Following Components:

Photo of the Shure FP1 Bodypack Transmitter.

FP1 Bodypack Transmitter w/WL183 Lavalier Condenser Microphone

The Shure FP1 bodypack is an incredibly lightweight, yet rugged transmitter. It has Shure's standard TA4F 4-pin connection for use with lapel, earset, and headworn microphones. The FP1 has an audio input gain control for fine tuning the signal level. With its infrared port, the transmitter syncs automatically with the receiver. The FP1 also features and LED light that can be used to indicate lockout mode, RF sync, and a low battery.

The WL183 lavalier electret condenser microphone is a cardioid mic designed for use with any of Shure's wireless microphone bodypack transmitters. The Cardioid pickup pattern is ideal for general sound reinforcement applications where good rejection of unwanted noise is needed.

Photo of the Shure FP5 Portable Receiver.

FP5 Portable Receiver

The FP5 portable receiver is what makes the FP15/83 what it is. The FP5 is designed for on-camera mounting, using the shoe-mount on most DLSR cameras and professional camcorders. The FP5 is a true diversity system, selecting the strongest signal between the two antennas at any given moment. The FP5 features two LED light indicators, one for power and one for good transmitter sync. The FP5 has a TA3F output connector and comes with both a XLR and 1/8" (3.5mm) cable to connect to standard microphone inputs.

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