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Presonus ADL 700 Preamplifier/Channel Strip


The Presonus ADL 700 is a high-end Class A tube preamplifier with a fully variable, FET-based compressor and a four-band semi-parametric EQ. The ADL 700's preamplifier section was designed by non other than Anthony Demaria, a legend in the industry.

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Presonus ADL 700 — A No Compromise Tube Channel Strip

Born from the now legendary ADL 600 dual-channel preamplifier, the new Presonus ADL 700 Channel Strip is sure to also become legendary in its own right. Featuring the same all-tube preamplifier design as it's dual-channal brother, the ADL 700 expands upon the design and adds an incredibly musical FET-based compressor design and a highly versatile 4-Band EQ section. Designed in conjunction with Anthony DeMaria, the Presonus ADL 700 is sure to be a go-to channel strip for engineers the world over.

For those looking for an all in one channel strip with highly musical features and great sound, the ADL 700 is a no-brainer. With it's tube pre-amp, FET compressor and 4-band EQ, there's no limit to sonic results you can achieve. You can even link the compression section of two ADL 700 units together, giving you a fantastic way to compress a whole mix or any stereo source to give it a smooth analog sound.

After spending some time with the ADL 700, we've come to love its flexibility and surprisingly transparent sound quality. For a tube preamp, the ADL 700 is extremely detailed and clear. Sure, if you crank up the gain you can really warm up the sound, but at lower gain settings, it has the clarity of a solid-state circuit, but with a bit of those extra harmonics we've all come to love from a tube preamp.

We have found the compressor to extremely usable, though we do wish it had some slightly higher compression ratios to choose from. The lower ratios between 2:1 and 3:1 seems to be the real sweet spot on the ADL 700. Vocals are evened out very nicely at these settings. The higher 4:1 setting with a slower attack sounds great on a snare drum, while setting attack and release at their fastest settings sounds killer on a drum room mic to bring up the room in a mix.

The ADL 700's EQ section is probably the biggest surprise here as it was designed by the Presonus team. The EQ sound very musical and is very easy to carve out what you don't like in a sound. Boosting also sounds awesome, especially in the higher frequencies. The fixed Q Presonus decided on seems to work extremely well. There is also a switch that places the EQ in front of the compressor which is certainly nice to have.

Presonus ADL 700 At A Glance:

  • Tube Preamplifier
    • High-Voltage, Class A, all-tube design
    • Variable Mic Input Impedance (150, 300, 900, or 1500 Ω)
    • Stepped 8-Position Gain Switch
    • Variable Output Trim
    • Polarity(Phase) Invert Switch
    • True 48V Phantom Power
    • -20 dB Pad Switch
    • 4-Position High-Pass Filter (20, 40, 80, or 200Hz)
  • Amazing FET Compressor
    • Variable Attack Control from Fast (0.5ms) to Slow (10ms)
    • Variable Release Control from Fast (30ms) to Slow (500ms)
    • Gentle Ratio Options from 1:1 to 4:1
    • Soft Knee for smooth and musical compression
    • Compressor Bypass Switch for easy A/Bing
  • Musical 4-Band EQ Section
    • Fixed Q of 0.55 on all 4 Bands
    • ±16 dB Gain Range on Each Band
    • Low Band (Switchable Between Shelving or Bandpass): 20Hz to 250Hz
    • Low-Mid Band: 160Hz to 2kHz
    • High-Mid Band: 800Hz to 8kHz
    • High Band (Switchable Between Shelving or Bandpass): 2kHz to 20kHz
  • Dual-Function Analog VU Meter
  • 2U 19" Rack-Mountable Steel Chassis

ADL 700 Demonstration

Drum Recording Demo w/ADL 700

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Presonus ADL 700 User Manual PDF

Presonus ADL 700 Channel Strip Specifications

Microphone Input Impedance:
Selectable - 150/300/900/1500 Ω

Line Input Impedance:
2k Ω

Instrument/Hi-Z Input Impedance:
100M Ω

Max Microphone Input Level (1500 Ω):
Pad Out - +10 dBu, Pad In - +30 dBu

Max Line Input Level:
+30 dBu

Max Instrument/Hi-Z Input Level:
+20 dBu

Noise Floor:
-95 dBu (A-weighted)

Microphone Equivalent Input Noise:
-123 dBu (A-weighted)

Frequency Response:
10Hz - 45kHz, ±1dB

Max Output Level:
+28 dBu (@ 0.5%THD+N)

Output Impedance:
50 Ω




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