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Denon DN-500C Professional CD/iPod Player

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The Denon DN-500C is a professional rack-moutable CD player with built-in iPod® dock and front aux input. Featuring Denon's legendary quality, the DN-500C is designed for professional and commercial applications.
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Rock Solid Professional Music Playback — Denon DN-500C

Announced at Winter NAMM 2013, the new Denon DN-500C brings a wealth of new features and updates to their DN line of professional CD players. The DN-500C has one of their legendary CD drives, capable of being played 24 hours a day without issue. New for Denon, the 500C also includes a retractable slide-out iPod® dock with 30-pin connector. The dock is fully compatible with newer iDevices like the iPhone 5 that have the new Lightning connector when used with the 30-pin to Lightning adapter (sold separately). And that's not all! The DN-500C also has a front-mounted 1/8" Aux Input. All of your music playback needs can be handled with this one unit.

Built-In iPod® Dock

Image of the iPod dock on the Denon DN-500C.

The DN-500C features a built-in retractable slide-out iPod® dock; a first for Denon. Unlike other manufacturers, Denon couldn't just put a standard dock on their product, they had to make it incredibly functional. When your iPod or iPhone® is docked to the attractive slide-out tray, a wealth of additional functionality can be accessed with the new Denon Pitch Control App (available to download from the App Store). With the app you can control standard playback functions like play, stop, pause, forward, backward, etc. with the app's intuitive layout. Using filters you can select music by song, artist, album and playlists. The app also has a touchscreen pitch control or master key slider to increase or decrease pitch and tempo as desired. The Master Key function allows you to adjust the tempo of the music without changing the key or pitch of the song.

Legendary Denon CD Drive

Denon CD players are known throughout the industry as having the absolute best in reliability and conversion quality. The DN-500C is no different. It is designed for use in a commercial or professional environment and can withstand years of continuous playback. All of the possible CD control functions like Random Play, Repeat (song or entire CD), and pitch control are included. The DN-500C has an easy to read display that shows tons of information like Track Time Remaining, BPM, and more.

There's More?

If all of those features weren't enough, the DN-500C includes a front mounted Aux input to serve those that might not have a dock compatible device. The 1/8" input connector can be used to connect an iPad, smart phone, or other portable music player. A simple input selector button on the front of the DN-500C allows you to choose between the CD, iPod® or Aux inputs.

Denon DN-500C Technical Specifications

Single-mechanism compact disc player

Oversampling Ratio:
8 times

Frequency Response:
20Hz — 20kHz


Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

Analog Output:
Unbalanced RCA

Digital Output:
Coaxial RCA Connector

Variable Pitch Control:
±16% Max

Aux Input:
1/8" Stereo Mini Jack

Headphone Output Impedance:

Denon DN-500C Owner's Manual

Apple 30-pin to Lightning Adapter Instructions

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