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Atlas Sound SM82T Speaker


The Atlas Sound SM82T is a (25/70.7/100V) 8", two-way loudspeaker system.
List Price: $343.99
Sale Price: $274.99
(price is for single speaker)

The Atlas Sound SM82T features a 1" exit compression driver, while the SM52 series features a dome style tweeter. Vocal and musical clarity is optimized by the mathematically conceived, advanced design of the Atlas Sound TRX Control Wave Guide™ high frequency director. This design gives each model smooth, even sound coverage (90°H x 90°V for the 51.4" model, and 65°H x 65°V for the 8" model). The high frequency section is symmetrical, for equal coverage in both vertical and horizontal cabinet mounting positions. High frequency component protection is provided by the Atlas Sound Poly Guard™ protection circuit. SM52 and SM82 8 ohm models feature magnetic shielding for use near video and CRT monitors.

To withstand the harshest environments, the new Strategy Series surface mount loudspeakers are constructed of weather resistant materials.